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Maximise the appeal of your home for sale with the help of Canberra’s premiere home stylist Lynda Cheng

Why style your Property?

An experienced property stylist’s job is to have your home presented in the best possible way.

The lead up to selling your home can be a busy and stressful time.  We all want to achieve the maximum price for our homes in the shortest possible time and have it presented in the best possible way.

Often you need a fresh set of eyes to view your property like a buyer would and from someone who doesn’t have the emotional attachment to it. That’s where our property stylist can help you to achieve this.

Advantages of styling and furnishing your property

  • Instantly create a warm and inviting atmosphere.
  • Creates an emotional response for buyers, which is a big driving force in buying a home.
  • Makes your marketing photos stand out as opposed to a photo of just another empty room.
  • It will allow prospective buyers to visualise living in your home.
  • Instantly updates and refreshes tired or old homes.
  • Shows prospective buyers what each room is used for, and how furniture can fit into smaller rooms.
  • For unusual shaped rooms furniture placement reassures buyers that the room is in fact functional.
  • It will distract buyers from any faults or flaws in your home. If a room is empty there is nothing to look at but the bare shell and potential faults.
  • It will give your home a competitive edge over the other un-styled homes in the area.

A home that is beautifully presented is much more appealing than one that is not presented at all.

Can you afford not to style your property?

“Thank you Margit for your styling, your work is great and you’re a delight to deal with. A record price in Ainslie, went nuts and two bottles of champagne were enjoyed”
Racheal, from Ainslie
“Thank you for your considered approach to styling our 2 bedroom unit, and for the efficiency with which you and your team carried out the work. Your choice of furnishings worked extremely well to highlight the available space and the colour scheme and attention to detail in decorator items created a warm and inviting environment which we think contributed to a successful and very short sales campaign. Please accept our best wishes for success in the future”
Dean, from Barton
“Margit thanks for your brilliant styling”
Christine, from Downer